About Me

I am currently a robotics engineer at Apple working on autonomous systems. That hasn’t always been the case. In fact, before 2017 I was a PhD student and then postdoc at the GRITSLab at Georgia Tech (run by my adviser Magnus Egerstedt) developing algorithms for robotic self-reconfiguration as well as designing and building multi-robot testbeds (most notably the Robotarium) – you can read more about my work at Georgia Tech in the “Research” section of this page.

As part of my PhD I discovered a passion for electronics, prototyping, hacking, and building things, which ultimately led to the development of the GRITSBot, a miniature robot of which we built over 120 copies for the earlier versions of the Robotarium. That hacker / maker ethos spilled over into my personal life as well resulting in a number of hobby projects I built at home. I try to use the “Projects” section of this page to collect writeups of the design and implementation of each of those projects.

My interests generally lie in the technology, science, gadget, and electronics area as you can probably tell from the sub-pages on this website. The content on these pages is partially for the readers and partially for myself since I enjoy documenting my forays into different topic – most recently into certification for piloting UAVs.